Anyone – Everyone – Can Be An Artist


“When the creative spirit stirs, it animates a style of being: a lifetime filled with the desire to innovate, to explore new ways of doing things, to bring dreams of reality.” – D. Goleman – Psychology Today – March 1, 1992

While discussing the benefits of creativity, D. Goleman says that people who paint and draw are not the only artists: “We’ve become narrow in the way we think about creativity,” observes Teresa Amabile, a psychologist at Brandeis University. “We tend to think of it as rarefied: artists, musicians, poets. But the cook in her kitchen is showing creativity when she invents a variation on a recipe.  Howard Gardner, a developmental psychologist at Harvard, believes that what is true about Big C Creators holds for the rest of us. ‘Every person has certain areas in which he or she has a special interest,’ he says. ‘It could be the way they teach a lesson or sell something. After a while they get to be as good as anybody.’”

Goleman continues:  ”The more you can experience your own originality, the more confidence you get, the greater the probability that you’ll be creative in the future. The idea is to develop the habit of paying attention to your own creativity. Eventually, you will come to place greater trust in it and instinctively turn to it when you are confronted with problems.”

In essence, Creativity does spark the human spirit; and the good news is that anyone who seeks that spark can have it.  Creating breeds an enthusiasm for life.  It helps us feel better connected to the worlds around us; and more importantly, it helps us connect to ourselves.


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