Romanticism vs Realism | Cyclical vs Linear

Please refer to my previous post to understand the difference between those who subscribe to a linear view of life and those who are more cyclically oriented.

I am not sure which came first, the chicken or the egg–but I have been a romanticist from as far back as I remember–long before I ever heard of Romanticism [by the way, this Romanticism is a movement in the arts and literature and has nothing to do with hearts and Valentine’s Day–thank goodness.] The Romantic writers were William Blake, Mary Shelley, Percy Shelley, William Wordsworth, Lord Byron, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, etc.]

Romantic writing is spontaneous, introspective, emotional. It was sparked as a reaction against the Industrial Revolution‘s more mechanical thinkers.  The Industrial Revolution produced the Linear Thinkers, who prefer the static, the never-changing, the straight, narrow, and restrictive.  The Romanticists are interested in the inner artist, the human spirit, the aesthetic soul, the spark, the essence, etc.

The Realists are more interested in commerce, the predictable; and their behavior is controlled, inflexible–never wanting to disturb that predictability.  While the Romanticists are more Idealistic; the latter are Realistic–no time for silliness.  The Realists observe the habits of society [i.e. its spending habits] and comment accordingly.  The Romanticists are more private, more personal, more reflective and more inner-oriented.  While the Realists prefer the cities, the manufactured, the Romanticists prefer nature– the rural and the pastoral qualities of the countryside.

The Romanticists are more poetic–more lyrical; the Realists prefer the Wall Street Journal and/or other similar types of newspapers and serials because they are observing and predicting, in light of what is happening now.  On the other hand,the Romanticists enjoy wistfully dreaming about the long ago and the far away. The Romanticists  are inspired,  motivated, and edified by nature.  The Realists rely more on facts, numbers–the percentages–the observable statistics.

While the Romanticists view Childhood and Innocence as Idyllic, the Realists are more interested in the Adult–Life’s Consumer.


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