Don’t Let the White Page Stare You Down


I Hope That You have read my post [Blogging So Easy Your Dog Can Do It: [This is Part 2]

You have set up your site, named your page, and have clicked on the top tab that says, “New Post;” and you are ready to write your post.

But You Come to A Screeching HaltImage

The White Page Tries to Stare You Down!  Don’t Allow That to Happen!  Stand Firm.

You Just Need to Prime Your Pump

What are you passionate about?  Start there.

You might not be able to identify any of your passions yet. You might think that life has kicked all of the passion out of you; but you are wrong.  If that were true, you wouldn’t be here, sitting in front of the computer, trying to decide what to write.  You would still be vegetating in front of the television.

Perhaps you feel that you are sinking in the quicksand of lethargy.  I have a rope for you.  Grab hold of this and pull yourself out!

Look at the top of my page, beneath the tab that says Quotes.  If any of the quotes touch you or speak to you in some way, start with that [feel free to borrow from my list–these words are not mine. I, too, am borrowing them].

Type the quote that you have chosen at the top of the page.  Don’t even write a title yet.  Title-writing is a Blog-Stopper.  If you try to title first, you limit yourself.  Just write, let the title evolve.  Begin to say what your chosen quote means to you. Don’t Even Worry About Everyone Else.  They Aren’t Worrying About You.  Just Focus on yourself and this challenge.  Just talk–in plain language [Shakespearean English is out]–and say why these words are meaningful to you.  People are more alike than you might think.  Others will identify.  Build it, they will come.

As you begin to write, don’t worry about spell check at first.  Getting stumped by spelling is another  Blog-Stopper.   Write first–then spell check; then correct the spelling.  It might even help to do the writing and editing in a Word Document and then paste it into WordPress. Whatever it takes, do it.

Write first.  Let it flow,  Just talk.  Spell later.  

Ok–you might still find this  difficult.  Just pick up your cell phone and download a voice recorder app and just talk to the recorder.  Play the recording  back slowly, type it, spell-check, and you have it!  You are a blogger.  You have stared down the menacing white page.  You are on our way.


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