Is Your Inner Control Freak Preventing You From Truly Living?

” The most auspicious moment of your life is when you make the commitment to know the truth, a commitment so firm there is no turning back.” – Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

Is your inner control freak preventing you from making this commitment?  Read what Barbara de Angelis has to say about that control and how it is stealing your inner peace:

“Imagine having a source of confidence and wisdom inside yourself that you could count on to be a constant wellspring of strength and inspiration. . . . All of us spend our lives searching, consciously or unconsciously for lasting fulfillment. . . .  In spite of our best efforts  . . . our hopes and dreams keep bumping into reality.  Reality lets us down, not just once but over and over again. At some point in our lives, usually by the time that we reach our thirties or forties, we face the difficult realization that no matter what we acquire or achieve, we can’t completely control what happens on the outside.  This conclusion fills our hearts with a deep sensation of emotional and spiritual uneasiness, and haunts our minds with challenging and perhaps disturbing questions: What is the purpose of my life?  What am I supposed to be doing here?  Why is it so difficult for me to attain true happiness, true inner peace? . . . Change is inevitable,so stop resisting and surrender to life’s flow.”  Barbara de Angelis, Secrets About Life Every Woman Should Know


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