Day 3 Fast Track: Becoming Your Artist Within

Good Morning Vietnam

Continuing to follow your dreams is a war zone. 

ArnicaLupineJune2220128x10Facebook Image

Wild Arnica  and Lupines Painted Summer of 2012 in Alaska

“Well, I must endure the presence of two or three caterpillars if I wish to become acquainted with the butterflies.” – Antoine de Saint Exupery [The little rose, speaking to the the little prince]

hollyhockcotourhollyhocks contour drawing

rudbeckias contour 1

Contour Drawing Rudbeckias – Black-Eyed Susans

Keep Working on Those Contour Drawings Today; and I Shall, too!

I am also showing you the watercolor that I did last summer in Alaska.  As you can probably see, I paint with wild abandon.  Years of contour drawing has helped me to be able to quickly identify and respond to line, when I am painting.  You practice, practice practice with your contour drawings [and later with color studies] to the point that your understanding of the two becomes intuitive for you.  Then you bank the information.  When you paint again, you draw from your bank of experiences as needed.  What you have learned has become part of you and you don’t even realize that you are doing.  That is why you have to do this and do this and do this–until it all is second nature.

Busy day today–teaching in studio; but I’ll get back later with more of this.  Remember that I am beginning the Color Notes on Day 8 – The Beginning of  Week 2


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