Day 2 Fast-Track Become Your Artist Within

Image                                                                                                                                                                        Day 2:

Becoming Your Artist Within.   I still have 30 minutes to post this before the end of Day 2.

I was able to do a few contours worth posting.  I hope that you can tell that these are flowers.  They are daisy-like mums from my garden.  It is very important for you to remember to either not look at your paper or to look very little.  It is best for you to keep your head locked on the subject.  Regardless, do not move your head once you have begun to draw; and do not lift your sharpie [I use an extra fine sharpie].   For paper, I go to Staples or Office Depot and buy a ream of the heaviest white card stock that they sell.  I actually love the look of contour drawings–and others do, too.  [In other words, these might actually be sellable, once you get comfortable with this.]  This may not be your favorite type of drawing [from a viewing standpoint], but you are NOT drawing for framing or exhibition right now.  You are loosening up.  You are learning how to focus.  Draw meditatively–draw slowly.  The Meditative, searching is important for one aspect of seeing; the locking your head and searching for every detail is important for the learning to see better physically.  Both are essential to what we are accomplishing now.


This is not a cop-0ut, as it might seem to be; but because contour drawing is so very, very important, please continue doing at least 30 minutes of contour drawing followed by a finished sketch for the next 6 days.Image

By the end of the week, I’ll be posting some of these same drawings that I shall have traced on watercolor paper and have added color to them.  The color notes are very important.  I don’t know anyone who teaches color exactly the same way that I do. I’ll break the info into daily particles.  It is essential that you have become comfortable with contour drawing by then.

You can find the full Fast-Track Challenge at the top of this page.  I’ll always add the most recent day at the top.  I’ll be getting back with a few of my contours, too–perhaps even a finished sketch.  I’ll also be posting more info about the importance of seeing.  I am working on a paper now.

I hope to be able to post several drawings by Thursday.  I have taught classes in my studio everyday for the past 5 days; and I’ll teach again tomorrow–Rest on Friday–Then back teaching again on Saturday.  Normally, I teach from Saturday early morning through Tuesday afternoon [just part of each day].  Wednesday is free now. Thursday I teach. Friday is free.

I have portions of everyday free.

If you are coming to the Jersey Shore–between Atlantic City and Ocean City–call me for a private lesson or two.  The more classes that you take, the greater your discount.


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