“It is often fascinating to see what emerges when we do not interact verbally with the world around or within us, but rather watch what unfolds on the stage of life.. When we do not try to modify what is going on through speech, we begin to palpate the pulse of our inner and outer environments. Language and speech, among the higher achievements of evolution, not only express, but also limit, consciousness.” – Ashok Bedi, MD

There are several points that I want to make about the limiting nature of vocabulary and speech; but today I want to discuss how talking and noise totally wreck one’s efforts to reach his artist within.

Returning to the subject of contour drawing, I first want to reiterate that talking while attempting to do contour drawing is absolutely a no-no. In outlining Day 1 of the 30-Day Fast Track to Becoming Your Artist Within, I mentioned that I had found some Youtube tutorials about Contour Drawing that are good in many ways but are not exactly what we should do, if we want to reach the Artist Within. The following is good in some ways but it definitely violates some of the essential ingredients of a quality contour drawing session. First and foremost, the presenter talks all of the way through the exercise–and the exercise is thus, no more than an exercise. You cannot move within yourself if your mouth is trapping you outside yourself.

Another mistake that this presenter is making is that she continuously looks at her paper. There are several problems with looking away from the subject matter and at your paper instead.

1. The most obvious problem is that every time the presenter looks at her subject and then shifts her head to look at her paper, she sees a slightly different view of the subject at each shift. If one is seeking accuracy, even the tiniest shift of viewpoint will alter what one should record.

2. A scrolling bar says that the presenter is doing blind contour. Her drawing is absolutely NOT a blind contour. If you are looking at your paper while drawing, the drawing is not blind–it is sighted. Sighted contour drawing is not the best when trying to reach one’s artist within.

3. Finally, and most importantly, talking–noise–destroys any meditative effort. The talking is a barrier–it is a distraction that prevents one from shifting to that inner space. Again, you cannot move within yourself if your mouth is trapping you outside yourself.

Remember that our contour drawing exercises are designed to meet two needs:

1. The need to see more accurately
2. The need to see more intimately

Talking and other noises prevent either from taking place.

So just HUSH! Listen to the Sounds of Silence. That is where the true message lies.


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