Learn the Rules Then Break Them

“The Golden Rule is that there are no golden rules.” – George Bernard Shaw

As I move forward with my 30-Day Fast Track program to help us become better artists, I recognize that I seen to be presenting my program as a group of tips that can actually be viewed as concrete rules that must be followed if one wants to achieve Artistdom.   I need to tell you at the very onset the same thing that I have told all of the people that I have taught over the past 40+ years:  I have always reminded my students that RULES ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN.  Yet, there is no denying that all of us need to have a full bank account of artist rules stowed inside of ourselves.  When we begin to draw and/or paint, we draw from that account–as needed.

At the same time, an artist is most an artist when he moves beyond the initial rules to something new–to uncharted territory–thus creating a new set of rules.

Learning rules, Banking them, and Disregarding them again becomes a tiptoeing across  a tightrope.  Only with years of practice can one begin to FEEL intuitively when and where the rules need to be broken–Unless you are a child.  They just seem to naturally know.

“All Great Truths Begin As Blasphemy.” – George Bernard Shaw


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