Art Is Not a Confection

“Speilberg isn’t a filmmaker, he’s a confectioner.” – Alex Cox

I presume that Cox is implying that Spelberg’s movies became repetitious and thus, more and more shallow.  The same thing happens in visual art.  We humans love recognition. We love fame.  We love the money that follows fame; and we are very bad about sticking with something, once it has been successful.  At that point, we have entered the realm of commercial art and not true art that stems from within.

On Day 1 of my 30-Day Fast Track to Becoming An Artist, I am introducing Contour Drawing, because I believe that authentic contour drawing is a wonderful way to break through many of the barriers that prevent us from becoming the Artist that is Within.

Please look at the following Picasso prints that one can purchase at  While these drawings have the look of contour drawing, I believe that Picasso probably did these more as a commercial endeavor than as a searching for deep truth.  I do not know that for sure; but I suspect. Contour Drawing is a slow, arduous searching of the subject’s outline.  Through the process of contour drawing, one begins to connect with his subject and to form emotional ties; and he also begins to see details not apparent to him before.  The product is usually a bit crude.  It is like the real appearance of oneself before makeup is applied.  I feel that these Picasso prints have been heavily doused with makeup.

Join us on a 30-Day Fast Track: Becoming Our Artists Within.  Find the material at the top of this page in the navigation area.  Click on the words “Fast Track” and then click the drop-down menu.  The course will begin to unfold day-by-day.  I have begun adding material for Day 1.


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