Be Better Than Yourself

“Don’t bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.” – William Faulkner

I mentioned previously that I currently live on the East Coast–in a little Bay Community named Linwood, which is between Atlantic City NJ and Ocean City NJ [In fact, while I am on this thought, I offer summer programs for people who are visiting our beaches–you can’t swim all day and all night–everyone needs a break–break with me]–but back to my original trail–

While I currently live on the Northeast Coast, I am originally from the South.  Before I moved here, I lived in Mississippi for 55 years; and Mississippi itself is a hotbed for the imagination.  Many great writers are from Mississippi–William Faulkner, Eudora Welty, Willie Morris–just to name a few [You’ll love this, I lived on a farm and named 3 of my farm dogs: Faulkner, Eudora Welty, and Willie Morris.  Faulkner was a beautiful Springer Spaniel, Eudora Welty was a Basset Hound, and Willie Morris was a Bird Dog]

I don’t know for sure why the South is such a rich cultivation spot for the imagination; but I have decided that it has much to do with leisure, time, space, etc.  In the north, people are rush, rush, rush–honk, honk, honk [if you aren’t rushing too]–and they are all jammed into a few inches of soil.  New Jersey is the most populated state in the Union–at least that is what I have heard.  It makes sense, everyone who cannot afford to live in Manhattan lives in New Jersey–and further south, there is the draw of the beaches–or more inward of Philly.  New Jersey and NYC and Philly are exciting; but if you really want to find your muse–create time and space for yourself.

Get out of the Rush Rut; Create a Garden Sanctuary; Spend a Lot of Time Alone–Within.  That is where your muse resides–Alone–Within.

Join me on my Free 30-Day Fast Track: Become Your Artist Within.  Start with these basic foundation principles.

  1. Get Out of the Rush Rut
  2. Allow Yourself Plenty of Time
  3. Create a Sanctuary–Preferably a Garden; but if that is not possible, get some plants and create a garden sanctuary inside.
  4. Spend a Quantity of Quality Time Alone–Within.  That is where your muse is hiding.

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